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Interior design

   Proper interior design is crucial for success of a private enterprise. The optimal  interior for a store is practical and efficient filling of space. Presentable and convenient interior of a shop or a café can convince a customer to come in and make a purchase.


Object Design

object design is the creation of an image and a style for a  material object with specified properties.
When a designer develops a product, he/she has to consider a wide range of factors. It is necessary to think about all stages of object’s “life”: its implementation, assembly, transportation, maintenance etc.

Polygraphy Design

Polygraphy design is an important factor for the success of your promotional products such as business cards, brochures, calendars, advertising catalogs, flyers, notebooks and posters.

Corporate Style

Corporate style is the basis for the whole communication strategy of the company, one of the main means of attracting the buyer, and an important element of branding. Corporate style is a single approach for design, color combinations, advertising images, business papers, technical and business documentation, product packaging, etc.

Sale of designer objects
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